Roll of Honour

Honouring those that have been part of the Jets and are no longer with us.

Jaydon ADAMS - Player

James ALLAN - Player

Diego CODYRE - Player

Peter DODD - Player

Syd FAULKNER -Player

James FOREMAN - Player

Kelly O'BRIEN - Player

Ray OVENS - Player


Keith POLKINGHORNE - Coach -1990 Colts Premiers. 

Neil BLOXIDGE - Trainer

Darryl (One Toner) Gatley - Trainer

Noel (Speed) NEUENDORF -Trainer

Noel BRAGG - Manager and Life Member

Jack (Gov) CLARK -Board Member

Jim CLEM  - Board Member

Barry CRONAU - Manager

Barry DALEY - Board Member

Des GREEN Board Member

Jack LYNCH - Board Member

Joe QUINLAN - Board Member

Harry RUSSELL - Board Member

Les STOKES - Board Member

Doreen WOOLEY -Committee Member

Wilson "Junior" TOGIA - Player




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